(The following policies are for Dealer-Only sales.  Public Auctions will have special terms.)
At DAA of Alaska, it is our mission to be fair to both sellers and buyers, and we will give complete service, recognizing that both are our customers.  It is our promise that we will be honest and ethical in all of our dealings with customers, and we will protect their interests as we would our own.  To achieve this goal, we have in place the following policies:


General Auction Rules: (Revised 4/1/2020): This policy states the general rules of doing business with the auction: (i.e. dealer registration requirements, use of premises, visitor/ guest policies, and payment policies).


DAA Arbitration Policy:    This policy is used as the guideline  for arbitrating disputes between buying and selling dealers at the auction.  These guidelines are used in disputes involving title/ odometer, mechanical, flood damage, and body & frame issues. 

Vehicle Registration and Reserve Run Number Policy(Revised 4/1/2020):   Consignor information on rules regarding the registering of vehicles for an auction and the reserving of run numbers.

Please note that effective immediately the auction will be strictly enforcing the below visitor policy:

  • Only licensed and registered dealers are allowed in the auction lanes and on the auction lot.
  • Retail buyers are not allowed on the auction premises, except for public auction events. 
  • Drivers will not be allowed in the auction lanes, nor on the auction lot.
  • Replacing or adding authorized buyers/representatives must be done prior to auction day.  No changes can be made on day of auction.
  • Please do not bring your children to the auction.