Upcoming Events

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    • 11:00AM AKST Wednesday Dealer-Only Auction.
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    • 11:00AM AKST Wednesday Dealer-Only Auction.
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    • 11:00AM AKST No Auction this week in preparation for the switchover to Copart.com. Please be sure to register with www.copart.com early. You will need to be registered with Copart to participate in the auction of Feb. 22nd.
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    • 11:00AM AKST First Auction to be held on www.copart.com. This will be an online auction only. Please be sure to register at www.copart.com prior to the auction.


                                          Announcments and Reminders

* Fueling of consigned vehicles:

To avoid Auction fuel charges, we recommend that all consigned vehicles have a minimum of ¼ tank of fuel.  Auction fuel is charged at the auction’s cost, plus a $10 fueling service fee.

We appreciate your cooperation, as vehicles do need to be warmed up, staged, and driven through the auction lanes, sometimes multiple times during their stay at that auction.

* Regarding vehicles that are purchased "As Is":
Serious defects may be announced by the auction/auctioneer on "As-Is" vehicles when the defect is known by the auction, especially if the defect cannot be detected visually by an internet bidder (i.e. engine knock or tick). The absense of any mention of a defect does not mean there are none.   "As-Is " vehicles will not be arbitrated for mechanical defects.
* Arbitration Policy note on "Canadian Import" vehicles:   We are seeing more late model Canadian vehicles being imported into the Alaska market as vehicle inventories have tightened.   It is the buying dealer's responsibility to verify any factory warranty coverage on vehicles announced as "Previous Canadian", or "Canadian Import".  Factory warranty issues on these vehicles will not be eligible for arbitration.




*Note:  There is an additional $50 convenience fee for every vehicle purchased online.